We continue our series of cool Discord bots with YAGPDB, short for Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot. YAGPDB currently runs on approximately 1,500,000 Discord servers, making him quite a popular choice.

The bot will help you as a Discord server owner to better manage your server and channels and deal with spammers or other people that do not comply with your server rules.

Furthermore, YAGPDB offers some cool features and a lot of custom commands (Spoiler: Do you like cat facts?), which we are going to cover further down the road.

Another aspect of YAGPDB is that it is around for some years now and is still maintained and developed further by a great community. It has good documentation and is backed by many people via Patreon.

What is YAGPDB Bot?

As the name already suggests, YAGPDB is a multi-purpose bot for Discord that offers a variety of features for discord server owners, much like Dyno Bot or Carl Bot, which we covered in previous articles.

YAGPDB is created and maintained by Jonas (Jonas747) as an open-source discord bot. This means that everyone can collaborate on the corresponding GitHub Repository, helping to develop the bot further.

YAGPDB Commands and Features

YAGPDB Bot comes with some cool features and commands that help discord server owners to manage their servers better and entertain the channel members.

YAGPDB Features

Direct messages
Join / Leave messages for specific channels (you can configure this)
Youtube Feeds (fetches the fees within a few minutes)
Reddit Feeds (pulls in the feeds within a minute)

Automatic Moderator:
YAGPDB comes with a flexible and highly configurable automatic moderator for your Discord server. You can define different rules and decide on which occasion the bot should mute, kick or ban people from your channels.

Self-assignable Roles:
This is an advanced feature of the bot. Members of your channel can use this feature to assign themselves roles using commands or a role menu.
It supports different models like assigning single/multiple roles at once
It's possible to assign roles via reactions on a pinned message
Even more advanced customizations like requiring a role for getting another role or ignoring specific roles per group/role
You can group roles for multiple, different menus to organize them

Server Stats:
You can make your server stats public if you want (this is optional)
You get nice graphs in the control panel showing the number of messages that have been sent, for example
Nice overall stats like how many members have joined or left specific channels; how many messages have been sent by members; how many members are online at a time, ...

General Moderation:
The bot can kick or ban users and clean your channels
Provides custom messages that can automatically be sent to people being warned, mutes, kicked, or banned
The bot provides timed mutes or bans
You can configure advanced cleaning parameters.

Custom Commands:
You can set triggers like "starts with", "contains", "exact match", or even Regex
It's possible to set up dynamic responses
You can create cool automation with this, for example, automatic responses to questions or other awesome things.

Cat Facts:
Finally, the probably best feature of the YAGPDB Bot: It can present over 250 different cats' facts!

YAGPDB Commands

YAGPDB provides powerful and entertaining commands for your Discord Server:

AFK system

  • Set AFK with optional duration and message
  • When pinged, shows AFK message and duration, if available

Fun commands

  • Deathmatch / Battle others
  • Starboard
  • Random animals
  • And more!

Giveaway system

  • Create giveaways with time, prize, max number of participants, and amount of winners
  • End giveaways
  • Cancel giveaways
  • List giveaways
  • Execute within CCs with execCC

Info commands

  • Server info
  • Channel info
  • User info
  • Avatar CC

Leveling system

  • Create/view/edit role rewards which are assigned on level-up
  • View leaderboard
  • Give the customizable amount of XP with variable cooldowns on messages
  • View user profiles
  • And others!

Useful snippets for your custom commands

  • Selection sort (sort an array ASC-DESC)
  • Convert string to time
  • Find the closest number from a provided number in cslice

Suggestion system

  • Create suggestions
  • Comment, approve or deny them
  • Edit and remove them

Tag system

  • Create tags with aliases
  • Edit tags
  • Delete tags
  • View tags simply with ;(tag name)

General utility commands
Preview colors
See time and weather in your location
World clock
Big emoji

How to Set Up YAGPDB Bot?

Now that you know the basic features and commands of YAGPDB, it is about time to set it up. But worry not, it's quite easy to do so. Just follow these steps:

This is how to set up YAGPDB for your Discord server:

  1. Go to: yagpdb.xyz/manage in your web browser.
  1. Click on Login in the top right corner. Register for Discord with your email address or enter your credentials if you're already registered.
  1. Authorize YAGPDB for retrieving your server list.
  2. Click on Select a server in the upper right corner and then select the server you want to integrate the bot.

The next step should be to visit the commands tab of the bot on your Discord server.
5. Login back to your Discord Server, and you should see YAGPDB Bot.
6. Now go to the Commands tab on your YAGPDB Bot dashboard and turn on/off any commands you want or want not to use.

As you can see, it's not very difficult to get YAGPDB up and running. However, the devil lies in the detail as the bot offers many options and customizations. Therefore, you should also check out their great documenation.

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