Since the first day, the number of registered discord users is growing rapidly due to its convenience and a long list of multi-purpose benefits. It is respectable, and all but handling a massive audience on a particular discord server can become challenging more often than not. There are times when you are unavailable, or some troublemakers are making your life hard by breaking the set of rules and regulations. At the same time, there are also plenty of dedicated users that play a significant role in the growth of servers by benefiting the community one way or the other.

Nowadays, many users manage multiple discord servers and integrate to the audiences of various platforms simultaneously. The best examples are none other than Reddit, YouTube, and popular live-streaming platform Twitch. In order to manage and create a more engaging community on Discord, the MEE6 Bot is the perfect solution for your server.

Why do you need a MEE6 bot?

The number of benefits that the MEE6 Bot offers is striking, to say the least. When you have more than one channel or a limited workforce to manage data, this is where the MEE6 Bot shines the brightest. Handling a growing audience and avoiding actions that might unknowingly lead to a heated debate can become rather severe and challenging. So, bots such as MEE6 are ideal with their vast range of features and commands. Whether it be custom commands, playing music, welcoming new members, or assigning levels, the MEE6 dashboard has all the necessary features that you need for your discord server.

What is the MEE6 Bot?

Basically, the MEE6 discord bot is a chat-bot that provides management options for the online discord community, much like Rythm Bot, YAGPDB Bot, or Groovy Bot. It enhances your discord experience by introducing high-spec moderation and integrations to popular sites, i.e., YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, and engagement gamification features. If you are a live streamer or YouTube content creator, you can generate a notification when you go online. Moreover, whether it be displaying automated messages to welcome new members, play your favorite music, deal with troublemaking members, or any other unique features, the MEE6 Bot has it all in store for you.

The ease-to-access MEE6 dashboard lets you configure a wide range of settings for your discord server and collect valuable user data simultaneously. This bot also enables you to assign particular roles to your members depending on the number of predefined privileges. MEE6 bot is totally free of cost and comes with a premium version that costs few bucks in exchange for additional features.

MEE6 Bot Features

Aside from the moderation and customization, the MEE6 dashboard offers plenty of features to enhance the user experience on the platform. It lets you send messages to your members directly to maintain privacy, generate useful statistics concerning major events happening across the globe, create polls for specific topics, and much more.

MEE6 Bot is especially helpful for its announcement functions for streaming and content creation platforms. Based on the user data and experience, new exciting features get introduced often and make having the bot on your server all the more worthwhile.

The Best Visual Music Player

MEE6 Bot is best known for its music player, allowing you to play music and manage your customizable playlists. MEE6 dashboard lets you directly search your favorite music without needing to insert any complicated commands. If you are playing the music on the discord server, it enables the user to cast votes on replaying or skipping the music. You can also set up challenges for members to guess the song and artist's name to earn points.

Custom Commands

Custom commands let you manage assigned roles to different members, send automated messages, deliver the important notification, inform members about ongoing and upcoming events, and much more.

Leveling and XP

Leveling is something that the admin enables and defines specific instructions that grant the users XP upon sending a message on the server. You can define the thresholds required to reach the next level and notify the member regarding their achievement either publicly or through DMs. The XP gain for server members gets displayed on the dedicated server leaderboards. You can insert commands and familiarize yourself with your total XP, member rankings, and levels. Grinding it can become rather interesting when certain rewards await upon hitting a specified landmark, such as rank cards.

Private Channels

MEE6 Bot lets you choose a private channel and keep you updated regarding the activities happening on the discord server. It can be related to members getting banned, muted, kicked, and more.

Custom Moderation Options

MEE6 bot moderation system plays a major role in managing your server from harmful advertisements, unsafe links, disturbing content, swearing, and other online problems. You can set up actions that let you keep track of user's infractions committed and control the traffic with automated timers. It saves the trouble of manually dealing with every member, whether related to bans, muting, or kicking the troublesome members.

MEE6 Bot Commands

When it comes to the MEE6 Bot, the discord server's moderator has a particular collection of commands that they can implement to control their server. Aside from the custom commands, these special commands cover a wide range of functions that are convenient and necessary to manage the unpredictable nature of online communities. MEE6 bot commands are mentioned below:

!ban – Command for banning a designated user from the discord server
!tempban – Command for restricting a user from the discord server for a temporary duration
!kick – Command for kicking a user from the discord server
!mute – Command for muting a user from the discord server
!unmute – Command for unmuting a user from the discord server
!tempmute – Command for temporarily muting a user from the discord server
!clear – Command for clearing the messages of a channel
!role-info – Command for extracting the information related to a specific role
!user-info – Command for getting information about a user
!server-info – Command for getting information concerning the existing server
!infractions – Command for displaying the infractions of a particular user
!slowmode – Command for disabling or enabling the slow-mode feature in a channel
!unban – Command for unbanning a user from the discord server
!warn – Command for issuing a warning to a particular user

MEE6 bot also grants you the freedom to add custom commands to your discord server. These commands could be using specific arguments or defined variables or using both simultaneously. The variables mainly refer to the users, server, channels, and even be miscellaneous. Some of the common examples include {user. name}, {channel. id}, and {user. avatar}, etc.

When it comes to using arguments, the custom commands let you copy a specific argument and even multiple arguments by combining the commands. You can even define a default value if the user did not specify a particular value for the argument. You can do it by adding {: default text} after the code ends.

How to Set Up MEE6 Bot?

It is incredibly straightforward to set up the MEE6 Bot for your discord server. All you need to is:

  1. Visit the official MEE6 Bot's website and click on the Add to Server option.
  2. Then simply login or register your discord server.
  3. After logging in, select the server from the list where you wish to display the MEE6 Bot.
  4. Afterward, provide authorization for the Bot in order to regulate and control your discord server.
  5. Check the Add bot to a server and press the Authorize option.
  1. Now you only need to apply the Command Prompt commands, and your discord server will be ready to go for the customization process.

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