Have you been wondering how you can better manage your discord server? How to set up rules that can help you create a better community even if you’re not online?

Managing a discord server can seem a bit tedious, especially if you have multiple channels and there is a constant need to moderate. However, with Dyno Bot, things not only become streamlined but manageable as well.

That is why in today’s post we’ll be going over what Dyno Bot is, Some of its features and commands you can use for server customization.

So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about Dyno Bot.

Why do you need Dyno Bot?

Let’s begin by addressing why you need Dyno Bot in the first place.

When running a Discord channel you can often come across situations where you need more than one pair of eyes and hands to better manage the server. If you run multiple channels, or host discussions, there can often be a conflict that can result in trolling or heated debates.

That is why you need a Bot that can help you in moderating your server, welcome new members, mute members that cause trouble, and help you effectively control the daily working of your server.

Although there are many bots that you can use for this purpose, however, Dyno Bot is pretty unique and effective in getting the job done.

So now you may be wondering what Dyno Bot is and what its different features are.

What is Dyno bot?

When it comes to managing data on discord servers and moderating different channels, Dyno Bot stands out as a popular moderation Bot that provides you with many moderating tools and commands that make handling your server easy. Whether you want to display automated display messages for new members, play music right from within the server, mute rowdy members, or anything else, you can easily get it down with Dyno Bot.

From the Dyno Bot dashboard, you can configure, enable, or disable any and all settings for your server and collect important data at the same time. Similarly, when dealing with spam content, or placing timed bans or muting members can easily be carried out with Dyno.

And if you have a team handling your discord server, then you can even assign roles to different members according to the number of privileges you want to set. Currently, there are more than 800,000 servers using Dyno bot, and you can use it for free or buy the premium version that has extra features.

Now, let’s look into the different features and commands that come along with the Dyno Bot.

Dyno Bot Features

Although till now we’ve told you how to moderate and customize your Discord server with Dyno bot, that isn’t everything that the Bot is known for. You can also send direct messages to members, look up stats concerning different events like the pandemic, create a poll, and find animal pictures, and much more.

The best part of using Dyno Bot is that the developers are constantly updating it with new features and upgrades. They also pay special attention to what new features users ask for and get it done in the next update.

Here are some commands and features to know about:

Music: play your favorite music directly from discord as it is backed by streaming hardware that provides you a wide variety of music to choose from.
Web dashboard: Dyno Bot provides an easy, accessible dashboard from where you can perform and manage different servers.
Uptime: the uptime for the Dyno bot is usually at 99.99% which means it is available year-round.
Auto-moderation: by using commands like addmod, ban, mute, you can fully configure your server with moderation commands to control spam or prevent a raid.
Auto-roles: you can assign roles to newly added members and assign tasks to them as well. There are many commands regarding roles such as announce, modules, role color, etc that let you customize roles for members.
Server log: Dyno bot maintains a server event log that can be obtained from the server anytime.
Custom commands: use custom commands to collect data, notifications, and manage servers without any problem.
Clean: commands like ban, clean, kick allow you to clean up and clear out members from the server without a problem.
Pokemon: this command lets you get info on any Pokemon.

How to set up Dyno Bot

Now that we’ve discussed Dyno Bot in detail, here is how you can set it up for your own discord server:

  1. Go to the Dyno Bot’s website and click on Add To Server.
  1. Register your discord server if you haven’t already, or simply sign in.
  2. Once logged in, you will find a list of servers. Select the one where you want to display Dyno Bot.
  1. On the next page, you will have to provide authorization for the Dyno Bot to control and manage your server.
  2. Select Add Bot to a Server and click on Authorise.
  1. Now you can go to the commands tab to apply Dyno Bot commands to your server.
  2. From here you can go to the Command Prompt and start applying commands from the list available and get started with the customization process for your Discord server. It is pretty simple and easy to get done.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are many benefits of using Dyno Bot for your Discord Server management and moderation. It provides many controls and customizations that save you time and effort while ensuring that your community is a safe and engaging place for all members. It is pretty simple to set up, and you have a long list of commands that can be used to handle anything from welcoming and managing members, controlling trolls, applying bans, playing music, looking up Pokemon, and much more. If you are looking for other cool discord bots check out Carl Bot for discord, Rythm bot and Groovy bot!

Get started with the Dyno Bot today by following the above-mentioned steps!
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