Discord is one of the best and most-used chat services for gamers, developers, and other people. It's often used to discuss strategies in games, talk trash about opponents, and more. However, Discord also has a robust collection of text channels that developers can use to communicate with players. The beauty of Discord is that it is free and cross-platform (available on Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS).

The best part about having a Discord server is the fact that you have full control over who can join it. You don't need to worry about trolls joining your Discord server and creating havoc or throwing off the community vibe. This allows you as a server administrator to have an open channel where you can communicate with your members on the platform they love using while keeping the community less toxic at the same time.

But taking care of your Discord server and your members manually can be very time-consuming and frustrating. Here come Discord Bots into play.

Discord Bots are the third-party tools that can enhance the user experience on Discord. Most of them are advanced chatbots that can perform multiple functions like playing music, monitoring your servers, tracking your statistics, adding a role to your server, etc. Some of them are so powerful that they can easily replace human administrators/moderators. There are moderation bots, music bots, fun bots, gaming bots, and many more.

To help you find the best Discord bots for your Discord server, we have compiled an extensive list of 20 of the best bots for Discord.

Best Discord Bots

  • Best Moderation Bots and Multi-Purpose Bots for Discord
  1. MEE6 Bot
  2. Dyno Bot
  3. Carl Bot
  4. YAGPDB Bot
  5. Yui Bot
  6. ZeroTwo Bot
  7. Loritta Bot
  8. Arcane Bot
  • Best Music Bots for Discord
  1. Rythm Bot
  2. Groovy Bot
  3. Hydra Bot
  4. Pancake Bot
  • Best Game Bots and Fun Bots for Discord
  1. Dank Memer Bot
  2. Owo Bot
  3. Mudae Bot
  4. EPIC RPG Bot
  5. Karuta Bot
  6. Koya Bot
  7. Tatsu Bot
  8. Pokecord Bot
  9. Poketwo Bot

Best Moderation Bots and Multi-Purpose Bots for Discord

MEE6 Bot

The Mee6 Bot for Discord is one of the best bots available today. It can be extremely helpful in managing your server, and it can make your life as a server owner much more comfortable. The bot has tons of features that will benefit your Discord server.

Mee6 is a multi-purpose bot that can do many different things on a Discord server. Here are some of the things that it can do:
Manage the music on your server
Excellent music-playing capabilities for your channel members
Change voice settings depending on what time it is (different voices for day times and night times)
Assign roles and permissions to users based on their behavior, etc.
Completely customize the chat commands that users can use on your server (including setting up permission levels, so individual users don't have access to specific commands)
Announcements with links or images (often used for giveaways or announcements)

Review for MEE6 Bot

Category: Moderation / Multi-Purpose
Server Installations: 3,511,000
Rating: 3/5

Dyno Bot

When it comes to managing data on discord servers and moderating different channels, Dyno Bot for Discord is one of the most powerful bots available. The bot has a wide range of functionalities, making it very interesting and easy to use for any discord server owner.

One of the reasons you can benefit from using the Dyno Bot on your discord server is that this feature will allow you to assign roles to specific users or set permissions for particular channels.

It will give you the power to control who joins your discord server if you want to limit it only to people you know or trust. You can filter out unwanted profiles using specific words in their nicknames or bios and ban them automatically without having to leave the app or browser tab where you are chatting with other users on your discord channel.

Suppose somebody breaks a rule that applies in one of the channels. In that case, all you need to do is mark this user with a role that will cause him/her not to join the channel anymore but still be able to talk with other users of your server when they are in different channels.

You can define roles for each user to access individual channels while others remain hidden and private. This functionality allows you to distinguish between moderators and regular members since those who belong in higher rank may get more power and greater access rights than ordinary members.

Here are some of the most helpful features:

Moderation Tools: For managing channels, dyno bot provides you with a lot of moderation tools like auto roles, ban and kick users, user status.

Music Services: This feature comes in handy when playing music on Discord servers. It also allows you to add songs in your library for different channels.

Roles and Permissions: You can configure custom roles or permissions in Dyno Bot and assign them to specific users/groups within the server based on their preferences. Dyno Bot also supports permission configurations for each channel separately.

Embedded Commands: With this feature, you can create commands that perform an individual action whenever someone types it into the chat. For example, if someone types !ping into the chat, it will send back the response "Ping" and other information about your server's latency and more!

Web Dashboard: Dyno offers a feature-rich, web-based Dashboard for you to easily configure and enable/disable everything related to the Dyno Bot.

Other Features: There are many more features offered by Dyno Bot, which include creating polls from messages sent by a user/group in chat; embedding any link or image shared by anyone at any time; creating notes from pictures uploaded by group members; posting YouTube or Twitch videos directly onto the server using embedded URLs, etc.

Review for Dyno Bot

Category: Multi-Purpose
Server Installations: 3,690,000
Rating: 4/5

Carl Bot

Carl Bot is an advanced bot that allows you to manage logs, store chats, and create reaction roles that enable you to respond to messages quickly.

You can use Carl Bot to create custom commands for your server. In other words, it allows you to set up custom commands in your server's chat and have the bot execute them. For example, suppose you have a farming simulator discord server. In that case, you could use the Carl Bot to run farm activities like adding crops or fertilizing fields and even get information about how the crop is doing from time to time.

Review for Carl Bot

Category: Moderation
Server Installations: 1,802,000
Rating: 2/5


The YAGPDB Bot is a fully customizable bot that provides various features to your Discord server. It can be used as a replacement for a music bot, moderation bot, and so much more! The YAGPDB Bot is also straightforward to set up, and you can get it running within just a few minutes.

__Features:  __

  • Moderation (kick/ban)
  • Music (play/pause/stop)
  • Images (upload, view and comment on them)
  • Raffles (for server events or giveaways)
  • Giveaways (give items to other users)

Review for YAGPDB Bot

Category: Multi-Purpose
Server Installations: 1,500,000
Rating: 4/5

Yui Bot

Yui Bot for Discord is a modern, lightweight Discord bot providing you lots of commands to manage your server.

It's a cool bot that runs very smoothly and rarely goes offline. It lacks other, more popular bots' economy features, but many like how cute it is, e. g., for hugging and such things.

It has good documentation for getting started with the bot!


Category: Moderation
Server Installations: 450,000
Rating: 4/5

ZeroTwo Bot

ZeroTwo Bot for Discord is a multi-purpose Discord bot for your server management with features like a global economic system, music streaming capabilities, a voting system, role management, and a web-based management dashboard.

It has a variety of commands and an excellent uptime and ping. Like Mudae Bot or Karuta Bot, ZeroTwo also comes with a mechanism to collect trading cards based on famous (and not so popular) anime characters.


Category: Multi-Purpose
Server Installations: 830,000
Rating: 4/5

Loritta Bot

Do you and your server struggle with the constant need for management, moderation, and entertaining your channel members? Worry not, Loritta Bot for Discord comes to the rescue. With a unique backstory and a unique cuteness factor, Loritta should be running on your server, and your users will thank you for it!

Developed in Brazil but made for the world, Loritta definitely is one of the best bots available for Discord server management. It has lots of moderation features that can easily be customized via a web-based dashboard.


Category: Multi-Purpose
Server Installations: 1,077,000
Rating: 4/5

Arcane Bot

Arcane Bot for Discord is a reliable alternative to other popular bots such as Dyno Bot or MEE6 Bot. The developers try to provide the bot's services free as much as possible.

Arcane supports things like moderation features, roles &rewards, leveling, experience points, ranks, and much more.

People like the fact that they can get a lot of the features of, let's say, MEE6 for free. So if you are planning on getting a premium service from one of the other bots, check out Arcane Bot first and see if you can find the same features for free.


Category: Multi-Purpose
Server Installations: 395,000
Rating: 4/5

Best Music Bots for Discord

Rythm Bot

The Rythm Bot for Discord is a bot that provides users with the ability to customize their Discord servers by providing an extensive list of moderation commands, utility commands, and fun commands. These commands can help improve your server's quality by giving users the tools they need to have a more enjoyable experience on your server.

The Rythm Bot for Discord also comes equipped with a music system known as Rythm Radio, where you can stream a variety of different channels from all over the world or listen to your music playlists!

Review for Rythm Bot

Category: Music
Server Installations: 5,847,000
Rating: 4/5

Groovy Bot

The Groovy Bot is an advanced music bot for Discord, which allows you to play music from a wide arrange of sources. The supported sources are Youtube, Twitch, Soundcloud, Google Play Music, Deezer, and more!

All the features that you need:

  • Playing Songs from Youtube and Twitch (Searching by Song/Artist Name or Video ID)
  • Playing Songs from Soundcloud (Searching by Song/Artist Name or Track ID)
  • Playing Songs from Google Play Music / Deezer (Searching by Song/Artist Name or Album ID)
  • Playing a random song
  • Adding songs to favorites
  • Setting your own aliases for songs so they can be easily played later on - And much more!

Example commands:
!play - Plays a song from any of the supported sources.
!play (source) - Plays a song from one of the supported sources (Youtube/Soundcloud/Deezer).
!fave - Favours (makes it easier to find) a song by adding it to favorites. !fave (songid) - Favours a song by adding it to favorites, using its ID.
!afk - Sets your status as AFK (Away From Keyboard); this will cause your status message to be changed, and you won't receive any messages in the current channel while being AFK.
!minimode - Sets your status as a minimode, this will cause your status message to be changed, and you won't receive any messages in the current channel while being minimoded.
!unfave - Unfavours a song from the favorites list.
!unfave (songid) - Unfavours a song from the favorites list, using its ID. !youtube (search query) or youtube (video id) or youtube (artist/track name) or youtube (album name) or twitch (search query) or soundcloud (search query) or gpmusic (album|artist|track|playlist-name).

Review for Groovy Bot

Category: Music
Server Installations: N/A
Rating: 3/5

Hydra Bot

Hydra Bot is a Discord bot that plays music for you and your server.

How is Hydra Bot for Discord different from the other bots?

There are many music bots out there. But not like this one. Hydra plays music in more ways than one: it supports YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch streams, and more!
Hydra also does many things other bots can't do, such as:
playing songs by their album name, searching for playlists on YouTube, and opening the videos on your phone if you have the app installed.

You can even search for lyric songs and then listen to them with LyricsPlus!  Not only that, but your server members can be notified when you're listening to something, so they will know when you need them to join the party!


Category: Music
Server Installations: 1,031,000
Rating: 4/5


A group of Discord users decided to create a bot that specializes in making pancakes. It started as a joke and has become one of the most popular bots on Discord.

Pancake Bot can play music from sources like Youtube and SoundCloud.
It has a simple moderation system for muting, kicking, or banning users.
A role system can be utilized for managing your discord server.
Fun commands like image generation or Akinator to entertain your members


Category: Fun / Music
Server Installations: 765,100
Rating: 4/5

Best Game Bots and Fun Bots for Discord

Dank Memer Bot

The Dank Memer Bot for Discord is a Discord Bot that allows you to play meme games with your friends. The bot has a suite of commands and uses the Meme Face Maker API to generate real-time memes on demand. The bot can even automatically modify images to make them even danker!  The bot currently has a dice game, an image guessing game, and a reaction test.
The Dank Memer Bot for Discord has a suite of commands that you can use to play with your friends. Here are some examples:

!start — Starts a new game session.
!dank-meme -- Generates a random meme from the Meme Face Maker API.
!join — Joins a game session in progress.
!leave — Leaves the current game session.
!helpme — Requires at least two players. This command starts a new round of guessing and picks on a player to guess the meme face first. If no one can guess correctly, it will randomly pick another player instead until someone wins! This command can be used as many times as needed per round. You can also add numbers to increase the number of guesses per round, for example: !helpme3.
!meme — Randomly chooses a new meme face and shows it to all users in a chat room or optionally sends it privately to specific users with an optional parameter

Review for Dank Memer Bot

Category: Meme / Games
Server Installations: 4,906,000
Rating: 4/5

Owo Bot

Owo Bot is a bot for Discord that allows you to make your own rules. It helps you manage how your discord server operates and helps you create guidelines for your community. The best part about this bot is that it has simple and easy commands that make your server's management even more comfortable than before.

It can be used by a single user and teams, whether they are gamers, developers, or just a group of friends who want to chat while lounging around.

It supports a variety of games like slot machines, lottery, blackjack, or coinflip.

Other features:
Utility: Supports feedback, stats, Patreon, and more.
Emotes: Lots of funny emotes
Memes: Generate memes
Fun: Gifs and more
Animals: Hunting, selling, battling, and more
And many more.


Category: Fun / Game
Server Installations: 1,152,000
Rating: 4/5

Mudae Bot

The Mudae Bot belongs to the world of anime. It includes a database of more than 60,000 characters from anime movies and games. Your channel members can search for characters and collect them via a typical gacha game (you have different odds for receiving a distinct character...). But that's not all. You can even fight with your acquired characters in the "waifu arena".

The bot is fun, but it seems unfair to have players with premium membership get more rolls than those with maximum badges. With that being said, the bot is excellent, and I love the work that was put into it!


Category: Fun / Game
Server Installations: 1,261,000
Rating: 4/5


Do you like playing games? Do you like RPGs (Role-Playing Games)? And do you enjoy dungeons, weapons, player-vs-player, leaderboards, and a bit of gambling? Then the EPIC RPG Bot for Discord is exactly what you and your channel members need.

People in your channel can utilize the bot to gain experience and level-up. But that's not all. Collect weapons and armor and use them to defeat evil dungeons bosses, which unlocks new commands!

Here are some of the most used commands:

"rpg start": Learn how to play the game.

"quest": gain XP from simple quests.
"profile": check your progress.
"inventory": check your inventory.

"hunt"/"adventure": get coins and xp.
"heal": heal yourself with a life potion.
"duel": fight other players.
"dungeon": try to defeat a boss together with other players.

"shop": check out the shop.
"buy"/"sell": buy items and sell loot.

"chop"/"mine"/"fish": acquire new items.
"craft": craft swords, armor, and more.


Category: Game
Server Installations: 315,000
Rating: 4/5

Karuta Bot

Karuta Bot for Discord is another great discord bot for anime fans. With Karuta, you and your channel members can collect trading cards of your favorite anime characters. It's quite similar to the Mudae Bot but has some unique features:

Keep your collectibles when you switch the server due to the global economy features of Karuta
Don't choose between automatic and manual card drops (like Mudae does it) but make use of the best of both worlds.
Extensive logging and an active support team try to prevent cheating as much as possible.
Regular updates and fixes because the team of developers works on the bot on a daily basis.
An extensive trading system to basically trade every card with every player.
A crafting system allows you to craft new cards for collecting and trading.
Perks and cosmetics to customize your favorite characters

Karuta is a great bot for anime fans that works very smoothly and has great support from the community!


Category: Fun / Game
Server Installations: 140,000
Rating: 4/5

Koya Bot

Koya Bot for Discord is a bot in the universe of the famous anime series One Piece. It supports basic commands such as sending announcements to channel members via its greeting system and moderation capabilities.

But what's far more exciting and unique is the gaming feature that lets you play an interactive One Piece game, including the series's famous characters. Those can level up by gaining experience, start battles, and more. You can also upgrade your very own boat and start expeditions with it.

It also comes with a web-based dashboard and some paid premium features.


Category: Fun / Game
Server Installations: 980,000

Tatsu Bot

Tatsu Bot for Discord is another popular bot to gamify your server and entertain your channel members. It receives frequent updates from its developers, which means it's active and under constant development.

What's also important is that it has a very active player base helping to create a global economy and a simple to use pet module. Many people also like the pixel art graphics and the variety of items one can acquire.

However, Tatsu Bot also has premium features that you have to pay for. But remember that developers need to make money somehow, so don't see this as a con necessarily.


Category: Games
Server Installations: 1,300,000
Rating: 3/5

Pokecord Bot

Pokecord used to be one of the best and most-loved Discord Bots in the Pokémon universe. But sadly, its developer decided to stop running it during 2020, so Pokecord can no longer be used.

But don't worry, there are already successors rising in popularity and trying to step in the footsteps of Pokecord. One of them is Poketwo, and we are going to cover it next, so keep on reading!

Category: Fun / Games
Server Installations: -
Rating: -

Poketwo Bot

Like already said, Pokecord is no longer running, so here comes a valid alternative, the Poketwo Bot for Discord. With Poketwo, you can catch Pokemon, level them up, trade them against other players' Pokemon and even battle them against other players.

But in the end, that's all of the features, really. So you cannot compare this bot to multi-purpose bots like MEE6 or Carl Bot. But it is quite entertaining and has a lot of potentials, so I am curious what the future holds in store for Poketwo.


Category: Fun / Games
Server Installations: 210,000
Rating: 3/5

This list is far from complete and there are many other great bots available. However, I hope that you enjoy Discord Bots as much as I do and find the mentioned bots helpful for your server!