Projects are the identity of every web developer. Every web developer must build some projects which should be there on a resume so that it can stand out. Here are some projects that can help you make your resume and attract any company. Along with the projects, I've also listed basic to advanced features to impress an interviewer or company. Ensure that you have got these projects listed on your portfolio using the tech stack you're most comfortable with.

1) Your portfolio website

This is the best representation of your skills and designing sense. Ensure that the design you choose or build is attractive, unique, and eye-catchy. Your portfolio must contain some tricky and impressive animations. If possible, you can also make a toggleable light and dark scheme types template.


  • Swiper
  • Particlejs
  • Freepic & vectorstock
  • Some CSS animations for card and button

Some animation links.

check this

2) Blog Page

A blog page can be an excellent project to develop your skills and a fantastic beginner-intermediate project. You can also host it as your blog page or convert it to a forum.


  • Authentication
  • Google or FB OAuth
  • Rich text editor for content
  • Post can be either text or photo or both
  • Multiple image upload
  • Upvote, downvote, comment on the post
  • Save posts which we want to
  • Like, edit, delete a comment
  • Report facility, not very complex; if that post has more than x reports, delete it.
  • Follow unfollow user
  • Add tags and posts under them
  • Sort posts according to trends
  • Search bar with query params

3) Ecommerce

Ecommerce is the classic example that gives developers a chance to build a mini amazon. If someone wants to try an online payment system, this is the best platform. Along with that, many features can be implemented.


  • Authentication
  • Email verification or phone number verification
  • Authentication should contain roles admin, seller, buyer
  • Forgot password
  • Admin panel to keep watch on the app
  • Buyer can add, delete, update products
  • Images of product display using light box
  • In-stock/ out-of-stock feature
  • Generate user address using an API with the help of password entered by a user
  • Discount feature
  • Add, remove from cart
  • History of user orders
  • Check while adding if out of stock or not
  • Payment option online/ offline
  • Filtering options based on price and other attributes
  • Rating item only if the buyer buys it
  • Simple and appealing UI

Check this

4) Social Media

One of the most popular projects for resumes. It's one of the favorites for most of the developers. It will have most of the features and applications that a web developer needs to implement.


  • Beautiful and simple UI
  • Authentication using email & OAuth
  • Email verification
  • Forgot password
  • CRUD operations on a post
  • Saving post
  • Like & comment on a post
  • User can like the comment
  • Report some post, comment, or user
  • Follow unfollow user
  • Make account private or public
  • Chat application using
  • Filtering posts based on likes, comments
  • Adding some new feature if possible
  • hashtag implementation

check this
code for the above app

5) Real Estate

If you are very curious to implement something related to maps, this project is for you. Every web developer must try this.
You can take inspiration from and


  • Authentication with all the features mentioned above
  • Dealer can add property and location as well
  • You can use google maps, location, and other APIs for this.
  • Adding a property should contain all the features
  • If possible, you can add a short video feature
  • Pagination for displaying properties
  • For the user, authentication will be the same as mentioned above with verification
  • Advanced filtering and sorting for user
  • Saving the property
  • Searching advanced filter or google maps or by merely entering a location
  • Chat application using

More cool projects:

Resume builder app

You can make a web application that can make a resume using templates. Build your custom template. Some can be paid some for free.

E-Learning platform

This is also one of the coolest projects to make your resume shine. You can add video lectures as an instructor. Make courses either paid or for free. You can use the Amazon S3 cloud to store video. Use a heat map to target the progress of students who enroll in your course.

Simple chat application

If you want the basic and best implementation of, you must build it.

Web games

You can build various games as web applications.
One of the classic examples is Doodle Cricket
Doodle cricket

Reminder app

This app is a handy personal app, especially for ones who're really forgetful—setting a reminder of any task at a particular time.

There are a lot of other projects. Build something unique of your own, and that will give you intense happiness and satisfaction. Try new stuff. Maybe it can lead to a fresh and successful start-up or fetch you a pro developer tag. If you are looking for more cool javascript projects for beginners, check out this post!